Genesight Testing

Genesight Testing:

When a person is experiencing mental health symptoms, they want the best possible treatment options to alleviate their symptoms in a timely manner. Unfortunately, alleviation of symptoms and optimal benefits of psychiatric medication can be a lengthy process and often requires several attempts at finding the right dose and right medication. To help eliminate the trial and error process, Macy Kasperbauer, PMHNP-BC offers Genesight testing to aid in appropriate medication options for each individual patient. Genesight testing is precision medicine for mental health diagnoses that assesses specific genetic markers and determines which medications are genetically compatible to the patient. It is the leading, and most sophisticated psychiatric testing on the market, that is designed with patient ease and satisfaction at the forefront.

Genesight precision medicine collects patient DNA through a simple cheek swab that is completed in the clinic. The sample is then analyzed using the GeneSight CPGx® proprietary algorithm, which weights the importance of multiple genes to produce more accurate results than single-gene testing.

Results are available to healthcare providers within approximately 36 hours, in an actionable, easy to interpret report, that helps healthcare providers understand how a patient’s unique genomic makeup may affect his or her response to each medication.

Genesight Testing is available by scheduling an appointment with Macy Kasperbauer, PMHNP at 402-933-5700.
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